Random Thoughts

So as I lay here in bed

Millions of thoughts dance in my head

To lie here lost in a world of chaos

How I wish I didn’t have to deal with loss
So many times we forget

Yet today I truly meant it

I love you and all your flaws and edges

For it is you who talk me off these ledges
This life can be so cruel and unjust

I feel like I am one who is lost

Unable to truly speak my mind

Yet you are the one trying to find
Locating the right thing to say

Oh how that would make my day

To hear the phrase that means a lot

Just remember to simply stop
Take this moment to remind me

Tell me all the best qualities you see

My life seems so empty without you

Yet I always seem to figure out what to do
Do not fret my love

For we have so many watching from above

Everyone we have lost has not gone far

We just have to look for that one star
We can make a wish to see 

Then where they ought to be

Remember how I love you so

I just wanted you to know