Mom, My Inspiration

As I sit here staring at this screen I think of you,

I remember you reading my poems

Always finding the silver lining in the message

Even when the words weren’t right you encouraged me.


I have lost an interesting part of me,

Yet gained something I have never had before

You may no longer be here physically,

I know you are around me when I need you most


You always drop pennies for me to find,

Whenever I need that extra push I feel your arms around me,

Holding on so tight to remind me I got this

Even though I can’t see you,


I always feel my best when you are there,

Smiling down on me and seeing who I have become

My life would not be the way it is without you,

So, I sit here and know you are watching me


Today was one of those days I felt you close,

My heart began to beat a little faster,

And I could feel the warmth of your presence next to me,

I know you are always with me no matter what


Life has truly shown us a lot of ups and downs

Lately I have been feeling lost within my own mind,

You have a great way of coming along when I need you most,

Times have been really rough,


It makes it hard to keep my positivity up,

To keep the smile as being genuine,


I am making it through,


Your guidance is always there,

Like a GPS for life,

Always showing me the best path,

Even if it isn’t the easiest one,


I miss you so much,

I know you are still with me,

But what I wouldn’t give for just one more hug,

Or That’s My Boy!


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