Destination: Dark Corners of My Mind

Dark corners of my mind,

Howling winds swirl around

Bringing up the dirt from the floor

Never to be seen by others


I am locked away hiding from myself,

For it seems to be a valid escape,


This is not who I truly am


My mind has been overwhelmed with so much,

I cannot turn it off,

Some nights I wake up in a panic

For the dark corners of my mind are awake and moving


Each breath I take is filled with defeat,

Every dark shadow attacks my will to live

I feel as though I am being pulled to the ground,

Stuck to the ground,


Frozen in fear,

I cannot seem to break free,

Locked away in the depths of my mind,

You can try and assist,


I am forever lost within the darkness

No matter how hard I try to break free,

Thoughts of darkness rule my mind

Unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel


My true self is lost among the shadows

It cannot break the bond

The bond of darkness attached to my soul

I strive to break free


My life has been in turmoil,

Stuck like a rat in a cage,

Unable to shake my way out of the bars

As the darkness creeps,


I strive,


Break Free,

Loosen the grip of darkness from my throat.


One day I might be able to get free,

For now,

My goal is to learn about my darkness,

Work through why I must reside here,


One day,

I will get away,

Feel the positivity again,

Now I will just wallow in the Dark Corners of My Mind

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