Pressure Within

My condition isn’t always visible on the outside,

For it lurks within

The pressure ever increasing,

Causing excruciating pain on a daily basis


Just because I have a smile on my face,

Doesn’t mean I am not suffering,

Sometimes I need to push through and pretend,

Even though it is destroying me on the inside


You can never judge a person from the outside,

For the inside is where the true inspiration resides,

A book can have the fanciest of covers,

Yet hold no visible substance


I have lived my life without always knowing,

For I stumbled through life in a daze,

My diagnosis came when I was older

Yet I still didn’t know what it truly meant for me


Only a few short years ago I found another family,

My hydrocephalus family,

They are all an inspiration to me,

For they understand and have embraced who I am


They are the such beautiful people

Inside and outside they drive me to be better,

I am blessed to have them in my life

For answers have been found


Each day is a struggle,

Some worse than others,

But I have found my home.

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