Silence is violent

A pin drop can shatter your vision of reality

As you are closed off from the world around you

The lack of sound within your mind,

Reminds you of how alone you are in your own mind.

People surround us and fill us with a false sense of security

You don’t know who you truly are,

Prepare yourself to search within your soul,

What people think about you doesn’t matter,

For it is your time locked away in the silence of you mind,

That strips you down to your essence,

Naked as the day you were born,

Without sound you are forced to deal with your own thoughts

People try to tear us down,

We are ashamed to show them our true selves

This is why silence can be violent

As it forces us to deal with everything going on inside our minds,

It can cause turmoil,

Pain and strife within as we deal with our own emotions

Fear not for the silence will show you things about who you are,

Take the time to sit and reflect,

Remember that your time is precious,

Life is too short to not focus on yourself,

Enjoy the sounds that surround you,

Take everything in and embrace it,

When taking that drive,

Remember to open the windows,

Feel the breeze in your hair,


Turn down the radio to enjoy the sounds outside of your car

It is true the Silence can be violence,

Yet it can truly set you free

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