Pressurized Cabin

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome aboard this flight destined for the corners of your mind,
This trip is going to be like no other,
So please sit back and enjoy the flight.
Today we will be cruising at an altitude of mediocre,
Here we are safe and won’t hit any turbulence,
Please make sure your seatbelts are fastened,
As we would hate for you to escape from seeing the reality of your mind,
No worries though the cabin is pressurized,
This is to help with the constant migraines,
Pressure headaches,
As well as swollen eyes,
We need you to be able to see all of this in High-Definition.
The in-flight movie will be who you are,
Where you have come from,
And the final destination is where we are headed.
Please keep the aisles clear,
As the airline attendants will need to pass through with drinks,
Small packages of pretzels,
Those tiny pretzels,
Plus, they will want to make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be,
This journey is not the beginning,
Nor is it the end,
But your life is what you decide to make of it,
You are the master of your destiny,
As you are telling the aircraft where to go,
Sure, it becomes uncomfortable,
Especially being stuck in the middle seat
Next to two people who haven’t showered in weeks,
And won’t give up the armrests,
Other times you are in first class,
Drinking the best wine,
Enjoying free food,
Better snacks,
Actual meals that are filled with deliciousness,
Not those damn small pretzels.
Please refrain from using your cell phones
Take the time to actually converse with those around you,
Enjoy the ability to communicate,
As one day you might not be able to say what you want,
Show someone how much you really care,
Lost and alone in your confined box within your mind.
Thank you for choosing us to fly with today,
Keep your carry-on items under the seat in front of you,
Please enjoy the remainder of the flight,
We are so happy you are here
Rest your eyes,
Let us be your guide,
To the center of your mind…

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