Random Thought

If we all strive to succeed,
Why does everyone want to leave?
This world can be so cold and cruel
Even the smartest of people drool.

Your life is so precious and short,
Almost like you need a personal escort.
To be loved and cherished,
This is what I wished

Your words can bite through my skin,
But it is not in my nature to give in
This world around us is ever changing,
Here we all sit talking and aging

Your loved ones will always be there
Even when you lose you hair
This world is our home
We must not walk it alone

Your smile drives me wild
It appeals to my inner child
Each thought is different and new
I am who I am due to you.

My wish is to keep up this pace
For I am running this race
With you by my side
I shall never lose my stride

First Entry Into An Empty Space

My day starts way to early,

I sit here and try to gather my thoughts as they swirl around me

Every day I embrace the chance to truly shine

I embrace these words as they are mine.


This world can be so cold and dark

I think it is about time to leave a mark

My words flow though my mind and out my fingers

Every thought I think about just likes to linger


Every chance I get I just want to sit and write

How that just isn’t my life

Poetry should be shared with all of those around me

One of these days maybe the whole world will see


Every since I was so young and could hold a pen

I just wanted to start writing right then

I have embraced this as my true release

This is my own personal therapy


Take the time to listen to your heart

Don’t be afraid to take a chance and start

You may never know what you will create

Just don’t wait too long or it might be too late


I look forward to writing so much more

My head feels as though it wants to smash on the floor

So heavy with thoughts and memories

I would say this isn’t bad for my first of many entries