Poetic Rambling

This has been such a wild ride
Each and everyone moment eye opening
I cherish the time I have
Words cannot express how much I miss you

Life is so short
Yet it can be filled with so much
I have seen a lot in my lifetime
Yet I am learning each and every day

My words cannot express my love for you
Every moment I get to walk with you
Makes life worth living
Your smile is precious

I may have lost a part of my world
But I have gained so much in return
My heart has a hole
Yet it beats stronger than ever

I have had a lot of thoughts
A lot about missing my mother
Yet I think of you and I smile
Words truly cannot express my love

This world can be so cruel
Yet I have a way to look beyond
I know that there is so much more in store
Our lives are truly destined for more

Take the time to say I love you
Give someone that long hug
Don’t be afraid to reach out to people
No one deserves to be alone

-Poetic Force

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