Poetic Rambling v2

My thoughts run,

They continue to strive to break free,

Continuing to push against my brain

Every passing moment another thought wanders.


My struggle has become my reality

Each tick of the clock is another lost chance,

I am missing my chance to break free,

I am forever chained to these ramblings


My inability to take the time to let go,

To breathe deep,

Letting the silence surround me,

However, the pressure continues to grow


I have waited for far too long to release my inner demons,

They are continuing to pull apart the positivity,

Each passing moment is another lost chance,

I need to take the time for myself.


One of these days I need to just let it all go,

My thoughts have become my own worst enemy,

With my mind continuing to swell,

Pressure increasing,


The pain continues,

My fingers itch to move gracefully across my keyboard,

Releasing the demons into the computer,

Keying the information that has been dying to get out.


My inner demons need to be contained,

They have to learn their place,

For now, it is on this page,

Tomorrow it may be somewhere else,


For today,

My inner demon is gracing this page,

Showing that I need to take time,

Time for myself away from others.


People underestimate themselves,

They don’t see the true beauty in their eyes,

My pressure is finally decreasing,

For I am seeing clearer now thanks to this page.


My thoughts are starting to subside,

Things are beginning to rest,

My inner demon can rest again

This is my Poetic Rambling





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